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1. Fundamentals
2. "The smyler with the knyf under the cloke"
3. More About Tactics
4. England
5. Germany
6. Russia
7. Turkey
8. Austria
9. Italy
10. France
11. Introduction to Postal Diplomacy
12. Vive la Difference!
13. Variants


"Richard Sharp is still around, just about, and has changed some of his views about the game, as anyone is entitled
to do over a period of twenty years. Should anyone reading this  find themselves in a game with Richard,
he would be grateful if they would refrain from quoting this book as an excuse for not allying with him.
There are plenty of others, after all."

The Game of Diplomacy is (c) 1978 by Richard Sharp.
It is reproduced here with Richard's permission.

Richard Sharp died in the morning of Friday 7th March 2003
RIP, Richard.


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