Black Sea Strategy by Stephen Agar
The Bulgarian Gambit by Doug Beyerlein
Conflict in Silesia
by Stephen Agar
Driving a Juggernaut
by Stephen Agar
Eggs in One Basket, Or, Tsarting Out Right
by Chris Warren
A Fight to the Finnish by Tom Hubbard
The German Attack
by John Dennett
How to Play Russia by Ian Allen
An Introduction to Russian Opening Strategy by Richard Hucknall
The Lapland Lurch
by Mark Berch
The Livonian Lunacy by Mark Berch
The Octopus
by Richard Sharp
Russia - A Personal View on Opening Strategy
by Stephen Agar
The Russian/Austrian Alliance
by Marc St Rose and Marcel van Vilet
Russia : Double Your Pleasure by Melinda Holley
Russia's Northern Offensive
by Rod Walker
Russian Strategy by Don Turnbull
The Sealion by Edi Birsan  
The Sealion Opening by John Dodds
Strategic Diplomacy (Part 8) - Russia by Harry Drews
Strategy for Playing Russia
by Dave Scharf


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