The Alpine Doubleback by Matt Simpson
The Blue Water Lepanto by Manus Hand
Go Fasta Go Fasta: Winning with Italy the Fast Way by Leif Bergman
How to Play Italy by Scott Kauzlarich
How to Play Italy by Michael Sandy
An Introduction to Italian Opening Strategy by Richard Hucknall
Is The Alpine Chicken A Tasty Bird? by Stephen Agar
Italian Dominance by Adam Hopkins
Italian Strategy by Don Turnbull
Italy - A Personal View On Opening Strategy by Stephen Agar
Italy : The Green Machine by Kathy Caruso
Italy: Thinking Beyond Lepanto by Rod Walker
The Italian Attack Against France by Michael Adams
A Key Lepanto Double Cross by Doug Friedman
The Koniggratz Freakout by Edi Birsan
The Lepanto Opening by Edi Birsan
The Lepanto Bluff by Theo Kermanidis
The Peacekeeper by Guy Fraser-Simpson
Playing Italy, Part I by Jake Orion
Playing Italy, Part II by Jake Orion
Playing the Key Lepanto (and living to tell the tale) by Tony Swinnerton
So, Why Italy? by Toby Harris
Strategic Diplomacy (Part 4) - Italy by Harry Drews
Strategy for Playing Italy by Mike Morris
Taking The Lepanto To Its Illogical Conclusion by Pete Swanson
The Triple Alliance by Stephen Agar
The Triple Alliance Revisited by Chip Crain
Weak Sisters Diplomacy by Richard Egan
With Friends Like Italy, Who Needs Enemies? by Jeremy Simmons


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