General Tactics

The Ambassador Unit by Stephen Agar
The Art of Diplomacy by Richard Sharp
Avoiding Stabs 101 by Simon Syzkman
Caissa At The Diplomacy Table by Paul D. Winsor
Caution - Used and Abused (Part 1) by Brian Cannon
Caution - Used and Abused (Part 2) by Brian Cannon
Classic Games - 1969BG - ALBION 69/1
Classic Games - 1979JD - FOE 29
The Dialectics of Diplomacy by John Wilman
Diplomacy and the U.S. Army's "Principles of War" by Tim Hoyt
A Diplomacy Game Should Always End In A Draw by Richard Hucknall
The Diplomacy Hit Parade by Stephen Agar
Diplomacy Pt. 1 by David Gordon
The Diplomacy Survival Guide by Vincent Mous
Diplomacy Tips by "Big Boy"
Diplomatic Schizophrenia by David Partridge
Duh! Diplomacy by David Partridge
Eye of the Eagle or The Goal's The Thing!! by Brian Cannon
A Fight to the Finnish by Tom Hubbard
Formulating a Strategy by Doug Ronson
From Here To There : Grand Strategy by Bob Olsen
Geography is Destiny by Paul D Windsor
How to Play Postal Diplomacy and Win (or at least draw) by Rob Chapman
How to Solo by Joe Brennan
The Influence of Sea Power in Diplomacy by Steve Jones
Introduction to Diplomacy by Allan B. Calhamer
Is Diplomacy in the UK Unbalanced? by Richard Gee
Is There Too Much Emphasis On Winning? by Rod Walker
Let's Get Personal! by Pat Conlon
Like a Rubber Ball - Bouncing in Diplomacy by Mark B.
Malicious Support: Diplomacy's Ultimate Force Multiplier by Tim Hoyt
"Military Intelligence" by Allan B. Calhamer
Munich: The Most Vital Centre On The Board by Richard Hucknall
A Myth Defended by Lew Pulsipher
Niccolo Machiavelli's "The Prince": A Textbook for Diplomacy by Tim Hoyt
Objectives Other Than Winning by Allan B. Calhamer
The Odd Theory
by Edi Birsan
Ruling Scandinavia as Germany by Tony Swinnerton
The Scatter Technique by Nicky Palmer
Seeing is Believing by Pat Brennan
Strategic Diplomacy - Generalities (Part 1) by Harry Drews
Son of Scatter Theory by Nicky Palmer
Stabbing Made Easy by Doug Beyerlein
The "Bait and Switch" in Diplomacy by Mark Fassio
The Little Guy by David Partridge
The Subtle Joys of Being Little by Rod Walker
The Tactics of Diplomacy by Allan B. Calhamer
The Tactics of Diplomacy by Lewis Pulsipher
To Stab or Not to Stab by Keith Hazelton
Trust Me (And Other Tall Tales) by Brian Cannon
Unexpected Bounces by Weimar Republic
Which country has the best defensive position in Diplomacy? by Doug Massey and Stephen Agar


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