Burgundy, 1901 by Bruce Linsey
The Entente Cordiale by Stephen Agar
France : Early Game by Robert Slossar, Jr.
French Strategy by Don Turnbull
Hey Bresto! by Richard Sharp
How To Make Love In Western Europe: The Triple Alliance by Andrew England
How to Play France by Scott Kauzlarich and Ryan Sprau
The Iberian Gambit by Chris Warren
The Iberian Indecision by Gregory M. Ellis
An Introduction to French Opening Strategy by Richard Hucknall
The Italian Attack Against France by Michael Adams
The Lisbon Leapfrog by Mark Berch
Napoleon's Mistake by Stephen Agar
The Northern Tier Alliance by Richard Hucknall
Prising the French Snail out of his Shell by Stephen Agar
The Sealion by Edi Birsan  
The Sealion Opening by John Dodds
Strategic Diplomacy (Part 7) - France by Harry Drews
Strategy for Playing France by Mike Oliveri
William and Mary, Or, The Flemish Sealion by Marton Oosten
A Winning Strategy - France by Dan Stafford


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