Anschluss by Richard Sharp
Armageddon in Austria by Guy Thomas
Austria : Gas Up & Go! by Michael Mills
Austrian Strategy by Don Turnbull
The Blue Water Lepanto by Manus Hand
The Bulgarian Gambit by Doug Beyerlein
Go Ost, Jung Man by Chris Warren
The Hedgehog by Richard Sharp
The Hedgehog: An Asset or a Liability for Austria? by Richard Hucknall
How to play Austria by Scott Kauzlarich
An Introduction to Austrian Opening Strategy by Richard Hucknall
The Lepanto Opening by Edi Birsan
Of Archdukes and Hedgehogs: A Look at Austrian Openings by David Smith
Of Don Juan by Richard Egan
On Strengthening the Hand of Austria-Hungary by Allan Calhamer
The Peacekeeper by Guy Fraser-Simpson
Playing Austria-Hungary by Rich Amada
Playing the Key Lepanto (and living to tell the tale) by Tony Swinnerton
The Russian/Austrian Alliance by Marc St Rose and Marcel van Vilet
Strategic Diplomacy (Part 2) - Austria-Hungary by Harry Drews
Strategy for Playing Austria by Steve Smith
Taking The Lepanto To Its Illogical Conclusion by Pete Swanson
The Triple Alliance by Stephen Agar
The Triple Alliance Revisited by Chip Crain
Was I Right? by Richard Sharp
Weak Sisters Diplomacy by Richard Egan


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