Alliance Play

Alliance-Breaking, Double-Crossing and the Balance of Power Principle by Gene Prosnitz
Anschluss by Richard Sharp
Black Sea Strategy by Stephen Agar
Driving a Juggernaut by Stephen Agar
The Entente Cordiale by Stephen Agar
Hey Bresto! by Richard Sharp
How To Make Love In Western Europe: The Triple Alliance by Andrew England
The Lepanto Opening by Edi Birsan
The Newly Redesigned Millennium Edition Western Triple Alliance by Simon Szykman
The Northern Tier Alliance by Richard Hucknall
Opposite Theatre Alliances by Cal White
Playing the Key Lepanto (and living to tell the tale) by Tony Swinnerton 
Prising the French Snail out of his Shell by Stephen Agar
The Peacekeeper by Guy Fraser-Simpson
The Russian/Austrian Alliance by Marc St Rose and Marcel van Vilet
The Sealion by Edi Birsan  
The Sealion Opening by John Dodds
Stalking the Perfect Alliance by Brian Cannon
Taking The Lepanto To Its Illogical Conclusion by Pete Swanson
The Triple Alliance by Stephen Agar
Triple Alliances by Bob Olsen
Was I Right? by Richard Sharp
William and Mary, Or, The Flemish Sealion by Marton Oosten


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