Diplomacy AI

(c) 1998, 1999 Sean Lorber

 Version 1.1 Disk 1 (1,116 Kb)

Version 1.1 Disk 2 (1,306 Kb)

Upgrade to v.1.3 (623 Kb)

Upgrade to v.1.6 (267 Kb)

Upgrade to v.1.7 (267 Kb)


Unzip the "disk 1" and "disk 2" into the same directory - it may be best to create a new one specifically for the purpose. Run the setup program - which will install the program properly. If you want to upgrade from v.1.1 to v.1.3 then replace the "Diplomacy AI.exe" file from 1.1 with 1.3 above. To upgrade to 1.6 then place the contents of the zip into your Diplomacy AI folder and overwrite all files. 

As it stands, you will be able to set the alliance relationships among the countries and then watch the computer play out the moves.  The program has no human user interface at this time, but one should be out  shortly. You can view the negotiation/orders form I have made if you like, just log in as one of the countries (press the country label), but then log because it may crash.

At program start, you are placed in standard Diplomacy Spring 1901 positions. The alliances are set to ALL ALLIED, but you will be able to alter these alliances by choosing Edit -> Alliances. Values > 50 are Allies, < -50 Enemy, 1-50 Passive Neutral and -1 - -50, Aggressive Neutral. Note: A countries' relationship with another country is 2 directional, for example England might be allied with Germany, but Germany may not be allied with England; you must set both sides of the relationship if you want them to work together. Also, on the Alliances form, the drop down menu that reads "Choose country to set" must be set to "England". The reason for this is the program is only playing the English version of the moves (or, the English estimates of the other countries moves). The program is actually 7x slower when it runs each countries own version of everyone else's moves.

You may view a log of the current game by choosing view->orders and positions log. If you wish to view the other logs, you must open them with a text editor. Note: Do not turn on Dynamic Odds Log if you don't have a lot of time to wait.

Hints/suggestions: You may change the alliance matrix manually during execution to simulate new alliances and enemies.

Updates v0.2->0.3

a. Better tactics
Timing further corrected
Simulated moves (shaker) fixed
Campaign appensions were worked on
b Diplomacy fixes
Multiple country alliances partially implemented 
Negotiation tables almost completely fixed
c User interface added (no documentation yet)

Existing Problems:
a. Cannot convoy over allies unit
b. Cannot convoy your units over more then 1 fleet
c. No cut supports
d. No strategy! (But I have a general idea what to do)
e. User inteface does not allow builds or retreats
f. Adjudicator is not even passably working, would appreciate if someone donated one
g. Many small bugs, too many to list
h From v0.2: 
1. a,b 
2. Decision tree was 'cut', flowing negotiation procedure implemented instead


Updates v0.1->0.2

a. Major fixes to adjudicator, but still needs work and may crash!
b. Better tactics
Timing corrected
Convoying to sub-campaigns
Move types corrected
other small stuff
c. Mapping, Slide show feature
d. Allan's name fixed (completely)

Existing problems:
a. Still moves backwards (behind lines), sometimes
b. Tactical problems
Doesn't know how to bounce itself out
Still doesn't know how to cut supports
Tactics not yet implemented
c. Negotiations
Too many to list, but a NEW 'decision tree' system
should be in place by next version
d. Problems I didn't catch, so please e-mail me 
(please send last saved game file before crash)

Version 1.0

Still plenty of stuff to do.

Firstly, the game will save and exit between turns because of a turn to turn problem. Just save and reload to continue

If the turn seems to be dragging on forever (minimum 1 hour processing time needed for mid-game round on a 200mhz processor), check the debug window (view->debug) if the negotiation counter is > 15 (large number in right side middle box) then there is probably something wrong. It will not go beyond 20 before it will stop and not eat your hard disk (don't worry lol). Please send me the save game so I can fix it. It may already be working in my current version however for a related or unrelated reason.

There is no documentation yet, but there is very little to know. The only thing that a *think* needs explanation is the "Design Campaign" button in the negotiations form. This button is to submit a request to an ally for a request campaign support type negotiation or to ammend a negotiation that was sent to you.

Still cannot convoy an allies unit (i think) and cannot convoy over more then 1 fleet.

There is no self adjusting strategy. The alliance matrix is set by the human (operator) and this is static throughout the turn. A basic strategy will be coming in the next version (minor revision)

The negotiations is still a bit quirky and the tactics are not yet complete, but updates will be fast and furious at this point. The extract last set is not implemented so if it goes into an infinite loop or crashes, you will get no results (the logs are also disabled for now). 1 log is still enabled however, the "game log". If after the program executes a turn and you want to see the builds in a report form, just open the game log (before you restart the program which clears the log)

Settings menu item:
The max shake, min shake is set at 1, 1 respectively. The default is 6,5 however, but unless you have a fast computer, leave the setting where it is. When this setting is > 1 the program will try multiple sets of orders in order to get various statistics. Work has to be done to further utilize this information however, so the results might not be much different.

The program is internally set to "no random" in order to help the debugging process. That means given the same board setup and alliance matrix, the saved game should execute the same. A random switch will be included in the next version.

I am still very broke, so please send some money!!! I don't know if there is going to be a registered or non-registered  version at this point, but if I receive some reasonable amount, I will have 2 versions. If I don't I guess it will be freeware (hey that's an incentive not to send me money!) The registered version might include variants, faster  updates and opportunity to some work for me for free! lol Seriously though, I would like a faster computer, it would  speed things up. Checks and cash are good, and I will add you to the list of people who contributed. Anonomous donations ok too.

Special Thanks to Allan "The Hammer" Calhamer

Other thanks coming when program is less of a disaster...

Sean Lorber
Heavy Tanks Software
5 Tudor City Place #232
New York, NY 10017
212 682 0402
E-mail: htank@erols.com


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