Postal Diplomacy

Anarchy Rules OK! by Pete Swanson
Autumn 1901 Provisional Orders by Dave Newnham
Dolchstoss Diplomacy Rating System by Richard Sharp
Forged Orders and the Golden Rule by Stephen Agar
How to Play Postal Diplomacy and Win (or at least draw) by Rob Chapman
How to Survive Postal Diplomacy by Doug Beyerlein
In Defense of "Snail Mail" by Mark Fassio
The Most Popular UK Postal Diplomacy Openings by Stephen Agar
Nasty Tactics in Diplomacy by John Piggott
A New and Better Rating System? by Steve Cox
On the Play of Postal Diplomacy by Allan Calhamer
Play-by-Mail Diplomacy vs Play-by-Email Diplomacy by Jim Burgess
The Standby Problem by Jonathan Palfrey
Trintignant Endgames Statements edited by Mark Stretch
What Do You Say? by Pat Conlon
What Exactly Are Your Chances of Winning? by Stephen Agar
Why I am a Christian (and a Diplomacy player) by Jim Burgess
Your First Game of Postal Diplomacy by Stephen Agar

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