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Diplomacy Resource Sites

The Diplomatic Pouch (Manus Hand)
If it's in the world of Diplomacy, and you can't find it or a link to it at the "Pouch" (as The Diplomatic Pouch is often referred to) then it probably doesn't exist.  This site consists of a webzine published once every 2-3 months with helpful strategy and general interest articles.  It also contains extensive documents aimed at helping the new player into the Diplomacy hobby, as well as resources for face-to-face, postal, and e-mail players at all levels.  This site is very well designed with footers at the bottom of each page for easy navigation.

Internet Diplomacy Search Engine
A valuable resource, this search engine just searches established Diplomacy web sites (such as the Diplomatic Pouch and diplomacy-archive).

Diplomacy: The Premiere Strategy Game
(Rob Lancaster). This is a very well designed site aimed primarily at the new player.  There is a very well written introduction to the game, and an explanation of the basic rules.  There are also strategy overwiews for each of the seven powers which should be very helpful to a novice, though they are not quite as good as (but less dated than) the ones in the "Gamer's Guide to Diplomacy," in my opinion.  Still this is a site that a new payer is well advised to check out. 

Diplomacy Polder (Daan van der Sanden) 
This site is still under heavy construction, but there are some tutorials here designed to teach new players about the game.  They seem a useful supplement to the rulebook, particularly with regards to situations where the rulebook might confuse a new player.

The Diplomacy Lair (Noah Swad) 
There is a good short introduction on how to get started on playing Diplomacy over the Internet Judge system, but the list of active Judges is quite out of date so you should get the most recent list from The Diplomatic Pouch.  There is also a page where the author will (on request) post maps of ongoing games.  There was only one posted when I visted.  There are also some useful links.

Academy of War (Lord Achron I) 
This site contains strategy for each of the seven great power of Diplomacy.  Most were taken from the now defunct Envoy site but one is original.  The articles are strictly by the book and unlikely to say anything that an experienced player doesn't know, but are probably worth checking out for newbies. 

Vedran's Diplomacy Page (Vedran Vulovic) 
There are a lot of strategy articles on this site, but none (that I could find) that were original.  Nonetheless, if you want a good compendium of strategic articles for each of the powers, then this site will help you.  There is also the moves to an entire played out game of Diplomacy, with commentary by the winning player at the end. 


PBEM Web Sites

Diplomacy 2000 (Tom Tweedy)
Up to date PBEM web site with a good community feel.

CAT-23 Diplomacy

The Embassy 
Maintained by The Dipchief. This site's purpose is setting up Diplomacy games over ICQ.  The author promises a section looking at game strategies, but as of this writing it had not been put up. 

Variant Web Sites

The Old Moulmein Pagoda (The Pagoda) 
Probably the number one site on the web dealing with Colonial Diplomacy (the only Diplomacy variant -- not counting Machiavelli -- published by Avalon Hill).  This site has everything about Colonial from maps to strategies to info on where to buy Colonial Diplomacy.  If you are playing or thinking about playing in a game of Colonial, you simply must visit this site. 

The Ancient Meditterranean
Maintained by Don Hessong. This is the home page of the Ancient Mediterranean Diplomacy variant, which is similar to And Scwartz and Vincent Mous' Classical variant, although the powers are slightly different and the spaces are designed very differently.  There are some thoughts about strategies for the various powers as well as maps of ongoing games - not to mention links to other ancient history sites. Well designed and attractive.

Versailles Variant
There are rules for the Versailles Variant, set in Europe between the wars and for Factional Diplomacy, which is a variation that can be applied to any game which allows for political "factions" within a great powers.  This site is very well designed and worth a look for anyone in the hunt for interesting variants.  Nice site.

1939 Diplomacy Variant
Maintained by Joao Neto. This site deals with the development and play of the 1939 variant, which is set in Europe just prior to the start of World War II.  It has some special rules, mostly centered around minor powers, which are controlled by one or more of the great powers.

The PostModern Web Page (Earle Ratcliffe) 
This site is devoted to the PostModern variant, itself a variant of Vincent Mous' extremely popular modern variant.  There are actually two variants here, PostModern Europe and PostModern Africa, with a third, PostModern America, under development.  These variants mostly use standard rules with new maps and new rules for air units.

The Global Diplomacy Homepage (Eric Pederson) 
This is the homepage of the 6 player Global Diplomacy Variant (one of several "global" variants).  The map looks reasonably well designed, and there are some
interesting additional rules dealing with the use of nuclear weapons.  The variant is set in the very early 22nd century.

E-Mail Games (Doug Greening) 
There are many PBEM games hosted by this site, one of which is Global Diplomacy.   It appears that gamestarts are fairly regular, and the rules of the variant are posted here as well.  

Necromancer page
Site about the Necromancer variant (not the variant homepage, though).


Diplomacy Software Sites

Samy's DipChief Files
Maintained by Samy Elias. This is another page with maps for Gary Pennington's popular DipChief mapping program.  This site is nice because it has links to pages with information about the variants, but there is no way to actually preview the maps before downloading them, which some might find annoying. 


Regional Web Sites

Nowegian Diplomacy Association

Jeux de Plateaux (Xavier Retaux)
French. Has a summary of the rules of Diplomacy and a few links.

Diplomacy (Jan Baier)
German. Runs a few games and has links to other sites in German.

Suomen Diplomacy Seura (Finnish Diplomacy Society)
Site is in Finnish, but it's a Finnish organization which works to make Diplomacy more popular in Finland. It organizes the annual FinDipCon, e-mail games for members and so on.

Ludomaniac (Dirk Hammann)


Postal Diplomacy Sites

Sprouts of Wrath
Basically back issues of the zine, but not updated since June 2000.

Has a handful of old issues for download (the most recent being October 1998), the site appears to have been last updated on 3rd Feb 99.


Local, Closed Group or Mini Sites

ARMADA (Sean Roberts)
The Association of Rocky Mountain Area Diplomacy Adversaries is a large group of players who lie in the Rocky Mountain areas.  There web site contains information about joining, tournament, and other face-to-face hobby related material.  This group has various local chapters (all located in Colorado as of this writing) for gatherings on the local level.  The site itself is very well put together and organized. Association of Rocky Mountain Area Diplomacy Adversaries. Local site for Rocky Mountain folk to play Dip.

Yahoo! Clubs: Diplomacy World
Maintained by Larry Sargent. This is a page about the Yahoo club Diplomacy World, which organizes games played through e-mail.  It is a fairly large club, and the resources on this site are geared towards members of the club.  Click here for more information about the Diplomacy World club.

Diplomacy of the Khanate (Dan Abbott) 
This page contains records of completed games including statistics and end of game statements from various participants.

Cambridge University Diplomacy Society

School of Creative Destruction (Doctor Wu)
CAT-23 affiliated closed Dip group (see Biscayne Bay)

Biscayne Bay
Maintained by Doctor Wu. The home of Dr. Wu, a prominent player on the CAT-23 features mainly his School of Creative Destruction, an elite, invitation only community of Diplomacy players. This site contains a roster of members of the School of Creative Destruction and game results. 

A game of Modern Diplomacy played via this web site.

The Bladed Quill
Maintained by Andy Greenhouse. This page is mostly devoted to games GMed by the author.  It has house rules and press from some of his games.  There are also a few links to other Diplomacy sites on the Web. 

IGUAZU The Home of Diplomacy
Maintained by IGUAZU. This site is designed primarily to facilitate the playing of Diplomacy thru e-mail ajudicated by the site owner.  It features a brief introduction to the rules and a message board that seems to be used solely for administrative announcements about the games.  The site itself is well designed and aesthetically pleasing, though there are some spelling and grammar errors (the site is hosted from Holland).

Melankolia Diplomacy
Maintained by Mikko Saari.  This site hosts the Melankolia no press Diplomacy tournament.  The author also runs CAT-23 and Finnish Diplomacy Society games, for which he posts maps and player lists on the site.  There are a few links to relevant points of interest. 

Diplomacy Clan Destine
This site is the homepage of Clan Destine, one of the Diplomacy clans that play on the Judge system, which were formed to give new players an easier introduction into the Hobby and increase the level of competitiveness with inter-clan games.

The Statesman
Maintained by Edward C. Prem. This is another site that runs games hand ajudicated by the author.  There are rankings of players who play in these games, an archive of ongoing and completed games, and some links.

Central Dispatch
Maintained by Greg Jackson. This site is devoted to the games hand ajudicated by the author.  Most of the games are Machiavelli and Colonial variants, but there are a few standard games as well.  There is an archive of completed games as well.

Diplomacy, played
Maintained by Chachie. This site is devoted to the playing of a game of Modern Diplomacy over e-mail.  The game had not formed as of this writing, and consequently there was virtually no content.

Stan's Diplomacy Page
Maintained by Stanley Kellett. This site contains maps of games in progress, and the author promises more soon. There are links to the DipPouch and Flat Earth Society 'zine page. 

Fun Bunch Diplomacy
Maintained by Barrett Buss. An interesting page that describes a Diplomacy game in progress.  Has some interesting stuff, including a nice list of real European politicians at the turn of the century.

The War Room
Maintained by jhink. This page contains maps and player lists for games that the author GMs, which are mostly CAT-23 games.  The author's GMing houserules can also be found on this site. 



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