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This site has been put together by Stephen Agar.  I began putting some of my Diplomacy material together on a web site in December 1995, though it was a fairly basic sort of site, hosted on CompuServe (who were not exactly generous with space). When my other ISP started to give away 5Mb of space early in 1996 I switched the site to its "spoff.demon.co.uk" address. For quite a long time the site was called "The Vault", but I decided to rename it to "Spring Offensive" in March 1998 when the site was redesigned.  On 12th October 1998 I registered the domain "diplomacy.co.uk" and decided to refocus the site on promoting the Diplomacy hobby in the UK generally, changing the name of the site to "UK Diplomacy". The site was completely revamped in July 1999.

By the autumn of 1999 I felt the time was right to try and put some of the vast amount of material in the UK Diplomacy Archive online. Initially I suggested to Manus Hand a series of proposals as to how I could merge my site in with the Pouch - however, due to a misunderstanding I never really got an answer, so that didn't get very far. So I decided to go it alone. The change to "diplomacy-archive.com" was born out of an impulse, when I had nothing better to do - so on 30 October 1999  I registered the domain "diplomacy-archive.com" and decided to get a new site up and running by 1st January 2000. This is it.

Up until now I have had a policy of not importing other material into this site, but linking to it instead. However, I am revising this policy as a number of articles have been lost (perhaps for good) when the web site they were on has disappeared. If I imported all articles I came across into this site, at least there would be a duplicate copy. Therefore, all new articles I come across will be imported and the backlog will be gradually imported as well - with a credit to the original source.

It goes without saying that I would appreciate feedback, good or bad.

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